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HSBC Fund Code: U62482
HSBC Risk Level: 3
Offering Document: 
Investment Objective
The Portfolio seeks to increase the value of investment over time through income, while seeking capital preservation. Under normal market conditions, the Portfolio typically invests in debt securities in the AsiaPacific region. These securities are denominated in RMB, USD, EUR or in a currency of the AsiaPacific region. These securities may be below investment grade. The Portfolio’s debt investments may include debt securities of companies that are incorporated in China, included those traded on the China Interbank Bond Market. The Portfolio may also invest in China through any RQFII programs that may be held by the Management Company or affiliate. The Portfolio may utilise all bond markets where these debt securities are traded including Bond Connect.
Investment Strategy
HSBC investment category:
Asian Bonds Fund
Investment type:
Asian bonds fund
Investment style:
Interest rate sensitivity:
Investment instrument:
Bond, Cash, Other
Investment style is only applicable for funds that invest in equities. Interest rate sensitivity is only applicable for funds that invest in fixed income product.
Fund Portfolio
(as of 31-07-2023)
Asset allocation
Total number of equity holdings: 0
Total number of bond holdings : 198
Top 10 holdings
Holding % of net asset
US 5 Year Note (CBT) Sept13 7.05
Future on Korea 3 Year Bond 5.54
China Development Bank 3.48% 3.71
China Development Bank 4.04% 3.61
China (People's Republic Of) 3.02% 3.29
China (People's Republic Of) 2% 3.19
China (People's Republic Of) 2.76% 2.90
China (People's Republic Of) 3.81% 2.57
United States Treasury Notes 1.75% 2.17
China Development Bank 3.4% 2.12
% of asset in Top 10 holdings 43.20
Fund Performance
(as of 31-08-2023)
Index: Markit iBoxx ALBI China Offshore TR CNH
Fund indexed performance (initial value =100%). Performance statistics are based on bid to bid/ NAV to NAV prices of the fund with dividend reinvested, in RMB
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • YTD
  • 2.50
  • 5.55
  • 2.63
  • 0.74
  • -4.20
  • -0.96
  • 5.36
  • 5.86
  • 3.57
  • 3.03
  • 1.77
  • 3.21
Fund Price Information
(as of 27-09-2023)
Fund price movement is calculated on bid to bid/ NAV to NAV basis in fund class currency (RMB ).
Indicative fund price:
  • NAV:
CNH 80.24000
  • Bid:
  • Offer:
Change vs previous trading day:
52 week low-high:
CNH 78.81000 - CNH 86.14000
Fund price information is provided based on the latest fund trading date.
Dividend Information
(as of 31-08-2023)
Target distribution frequency:
Dividend yield:
Last dividend paid (per unit):
CNH 0.35720
Last ex-dividend date:
Dividend yield is the dividend amount declared over the past twelve months as a percentage of the last month-end fund unit price, show in 2 decimal places. The amount of dividend may not be guaranteed by Fund House.
Yield And Credit Information
(as of 30-06-2023)
Average current yield:
Average yield to maturity:
Average duration:
3.70 years
Average credit quality:
Credit quality breakdown:
% %
AAA 2.19 BB 9.00
AA 4.57 B 5.33
A 40.40 Below B 0.84
BBB 16.30 Not Rated 21.37
Current yield refers to the annual interest of the bonds divided by the market price of a bond. Yield to maturity is the rate of return anticipated on a bond if it is held until the maturity date, assumed that all coupons are reinvested at the same rate. Duration is a measure of the sensitivity of the price (the value of principal) of a fixed-income investment to a change in interest rates. Credit quality is based on Standard and Poor’s classification.
Fund Statistic
(as of 31-08-2023)
Annualised return:
Standard deviation:
Sharpe ratio:
Fund statistics are calculated by using 3 years historical data, and are not calculated for fund which is less than 3 years old.
Fees and Charges
Initial charge:
Annual management fee (maximum):
Distribution fee:
Maintenance fee:
Redemption fee:
Performance fee:
Highest contingent deferred sales charge:
Switching Fee:
Switching transactions placed through HSBC are subject to 1% switching charge which is charged by HSBC, except switching transaction within the ‘No Subscription Fee Series’ across fund houses is free of charge.
For the ‘No Subscription Fee Series’ , an administration fee of 1% and a distribution fee of 1% - 1.25% p.a. may apply.
The listed information may not cover all the fees and charges imposed on a fund. Please refer to the respective offering documents of the fund for details of relevant fees and charges.
Other Fund Information
Fund class currency:
Fund class inception date:
Fund size (Million):
USD 407.47
(as of 27-09-2023)
Fund manager
(Start date):
Brad Gibson (01-01-2015)
ScottA. DiMaggio (01-10-2018)
Diwakar Vijayvergia (16-12-2022)
Fund house:
AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited
Morningstar Rating:

(as of 31-08-2023)
Other fund classes available with HSBC:
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